Rosemary's Challenge Vero Beach

December 3, 2018 | Grand Harbor Golf Club


Welcome to Rosemary’s Challenge in Vero Beach! 

Rosemary's Challenge invites community minded and passionate women to become Ambassadors, to celebrate the vision of our Special Olympics founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver.  Eunice was the greatest advocate for her sister, Rosemary Kennedy, who had Intellectual Disabilities. Eunice's passion to support Rosemary and all individuals with Intellectual Disabilities is why Special Olympics was created!

Through Rosemary's Challenge, Special Olympics selects Ambassadors who are community leaders and asks them to help raise the necessary funds to help children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities, just like Eunice's sister Rosemary, to realize their full potential within their communities through the power of sports and participation.

Each Ambassador will ask 9 fellow advocates to join their team by attending the Rosemary's Challenge luncheon as an Honored Guest at their table.  Guests will provide a generous donation to attend the event, in support of their Ambassador.  The team of table guests will also be able to fundraise in the community, if they choose to, to raise additional funds on behalf of the team.

The Ambassador whose team of table guests raises the most funds will be celebrated as the winners of the 2018 Rosemary's Challenge!

All of the Ambassadors and Honored Guests will be recognized at an elegant midday gathering held on Monday, December 3rd, where we will show our gratitude to everyone who has supported our mission.  We will honor the Challenge Winners in front of all the guests, Special Olympics athletes, staff, coaches, families and other volunteers!

Rosemary's Ambassadors (1).png