2022 USA Games Team Florida

Team Florida Gymnastics


The members of Team Florida Gymnastics are ready to go!

Between now and the start of the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games next June, they’ll be practicing and training, preparing to face competitors from across the U.S. and the Caribbean.


They’ve worked for years to get to this point, and the USA Games promise to be a life-changing experience for team members, coaches, and their families. We are so proud to have them represent Special Olympics Florida.


You can help cover the cost of an athlete’s trip to the Games by making a donation today. Just click on the donate link to show your support for your favorite athlete and become a member of the Team Florida Booster Club!

We can’t do it without you!

Team Florida Gymnastics Athletes and Coaches

Darshay Bradford
Willie Cade
Colley Casey
Lynette Chance
Quentin Chester
Alyson Cuevas

Adrian Eusebio

Hailey Franco

Tommy Gross

Aamir Khan

Kason Kolka

Michelle Mazzacane

Sabrina Meador

Michael Milhalic

Lily Nichols

Krysta Perez

Lauren Petrick

Riana Petrick

Jeannetee Reed

Hannah Reynolds

Salyssa Smith

Christopher Vaughn

Beckie Ward

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