2019 Sallarulo's Race for Champions

Broward Attorneys' Real Estate Council, Inc.
Broward Attorneys' Real Estate Council, Inc.

Broward Attorneys' Real Estate Council (BAREC)

The Broward Attorneys' Real Estate Council (BAREC) is proud to field a team to participate in the 2019 Sallarulo's Race for Champions!

BAREC is the Broward County chapter of the Attorney’s Real Estate Councils of Florida which is a coalition of 21 local real estate councils (RECS) across the state representing nearly 1,000 real estate attorneys.  The RECS' mission is to protect consumers in real estate transactions by providing education on the value of having attorneys represent consumers in real estate transactions.   

We believe that attorneys are uniquely qualified to best protect the public in real estate transactions. When we as real estate attorneys, work together with other real estate professionals, we can better represent and improve outcomes for all involved. We mean it when we say “all involved.” That means all parties in a transaction, real estate agents and lenders – as well as buyers and sellers.

You can find more information about our group at http://www.flarecs.com/local-recs/broward. 

For a list of attorney members of BAREC, please visit: http://flarecs.com/broward-members.


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