2020 Sallarulo's Race for Champions


The Wahoo Swim Team started 17 years ago. It consists of a Head Coach and four Assistant Coaches that are all certified. We have approximately sixty-five swimmers at all different levels. We practice two days a week during our season June to October.

     Special Olympics supplies the equipment, flippers, kickboards, pull buoys and ankle bands, plus the bathing suits and caps for competition. This is all supplied to the athletes at no cost to them or their families, so we hope you will support our TEAM with a donation.

      The swimmers are divided up into several groups. The 25’s learn the freestyle and backstroke, plus some learn other stokes. They swim in the 25 meter pool.

        The 50’s practice all four strokes, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. We try to work on the proper strokes because at competitions they go by FINA rules.  Before they get into the pool they loosen up by doing exercise and then swim for two hours.

     We have been fortunate to be able to take a group up to North Carolina and Swim in a Multi- State Meet. Some of our swimmers do the Ocean Swim in Pompano and Miami with their unified partners. We are so proud that some of our 50’s swimmers love it so much they swim on a regular US Team or a Master’s Team.


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