2021 Cycle for Inclusion - Delray Beach-Vero Beach

Team Malcom



I’m Malcom, and here are some things to know about me: I’m a sports fan. I write about them and produce an online sports report. I plan to be a broadcaster. I’m a good basketball player.


I also have cerebral palsy – and, unfortunately, that’s all some people see. But not Special Olympics Florida. They know CP is something I have, it’s not who I am. Thanks to their commitment to inclusion, I’ve competed in a host of different sports. In 2010, I was St. Lucie County’s Special Olympics Athlete of the Year.


Special Olympics helps me off the field, too, supporting my dream to become a sportscaster. With their help, I’ve worked as a correspondent covering spring training. I’ve appeared on Radio Row before the Super Bowl, and I was a special guest at the ESPY awards. I’m working now to produce a Special Olympics Florida podcast.


Special Olympics Florida is all about inclusion, and this year, it’s launched a statewide campaign to spread that message across the state. Called the “Race for Inclusion,” it’s a series of races and events designed to bring everyone together. The campaign will help 60,000 Special Olympics Florida athletes just like me. I’m excited to be part of it, and I’d be so grateful if you were to make a donation and get involved too.


Thanks, and welcome to the Inclusion Revolution. 

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