2021 Race for Inclusion Key West

Layla's Wave Crushers

My name is Layla, I am 17 years old and I have Autism. I have been a proud Special Olympian for 6 years and I play 7 sports! I am not only a part of the SO paddling world, but I have also been competing in mainstream races for two years and I am the 2020 Junior Olympics Gold Medalist for Women 15 to 19 and the 2019 Sunshine Games Gold Medalist for Women 15 to 19 as well. I am so excited about the Race for Inclusion, because now my two favorite worlds can come together to show inclusion and acceptance as one team, Layla's Wave Crushers! I am so proud to be an Ambassador for Stand Up Paddle for the Race for Inclusion and I can't wait to lead the Wave Crusher team! Together we can bridge the gap!

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