Register and Goal Set

  • Customize your team page with an inspiring message and upload a video or photo!
  • Personalize your Personal Page with your personal reason for fundraising and upload a video or photo!
  • Make a personal donation.
  • Work with your Special Olympics Florida staff partner to devise a plan that includes fundraising targets and ensure our mission is at the core of your campaign. 
  • Set a goal that will make a significant impact!
  • Recruit a team ambassador or ask your staff partner for mission stories to share with your team throughout the campaign. 



Build Momentum

  • Does your company have more than one team? Work with your staff partner to host a Team Captain training.
  • Follow up the training with a company-wide email from an executive encouraging employee to sign up online and start fundraising. 
  • Promote your team’s efforts via social media. Share a photo, your goal, and let people know how they can sign up to support the team. If you are on a company team, work with your marketing or public relations department to help promote your campaign. 
  • Send updates every week to celebrate progress and encourage your team members!



Encourage fundraising

  • Meet with each team member to help them start fundraising. Have them list friends, neighbors, and local organizations they plan to reach out to.
  • Check-in with your team members and celebrate their successes!
  • Arrange incentives to motivate your team, such as a free lunch or coffee.
  • Arrange to make or have signs made to represent your team on the event day.
  • What will your team wear? Get creative with your team and make team shirts, themed costumes, or even matching outfits.
  • Continue to promote the mission of Special Olympics Florida and goals through social media, email, and text with your team members. 



Get Ready to Celebrate our Champions!

  • Organize your team and celebrate your success on the event day!
  • Contact your team members and get them excited about the event day.
  • Send thank-you notes to each team member!
  • Share your photos on social media and use #SOFL when you post!


Who to Ask

  • Neighbors, Friends, and Family Members
  • Work Colleagues
  • Local Coffee Shops or Restaurants
  • Hair and Beauty Salons
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Local Grocers
  • Daycare Centers
  • Doctor/Dentist Offices 
  • Insurance Providers


Let me know how I may help! 

Elisa Llodra | 786-848-0044 |